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Grounding conductor 3B 1
  • Grounding conductor 3B 1
  • Grounding conductor 3B 1
  • Grounding conductor 3B 1

Grounding conductor 3B 1

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Brand:ИК 12-ВАЛ, ГП
Country of manufacture:Belarus

The grounding conductor 3V-1 is carried out by the consecutive mechanized immersion of the carving electrodes 1,2-3 meters long connected among themselves by brass couplings. Steel electrodes with a diameter of 14,2-17,2 mm, with an electrochemical copper covering (purity of 99,9%) 0,25 mm thick guarantees high corrosion resistance and service life of a grounding conductor in soil not less than 40 years. High mechanical durability of a grounding conductor allows to immerse it on depth to 30 meters. The copper covering of electrodes has the high adhesion and plasticity allowing to immerse cores in soil without violation of integrity and flaking of a copper layer.

 For installation of electrodes the hand electric jackhammer with SDS max nozzle is used. For transfer of shock loadings to the immersed electrode the udaropriyemny head attached via the coupling to the top electrode is used. Advantages of the grounding device executed on the basis of this technology:

  • High corrosion resistance of all grounding device;
  • Low resistance of spreading of the grounding device (0,5 - Ohm);
  • The constant resistance of the grounding device which is not depending on seasonal change of atmospheric and climatic conditions of moisture content in soil;
  • Considerable reduction of preparatory earthwork;
  • Possibility of installation in most constrained conditions (the necessary working space makes only 2-3 sq.m of the area and 2 - 2,5 m of height);
  • Simplicity and high technological effectiveness of installation of a deep grounding conductor on the basis of the compound grounding electrodes.
Brand:ИК 12-ВАЛ, ГП
Country of manufacture:Belarus
Length: 2 m
Information is up-to-date: 22.04.2021

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