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Ballot box street the Container on 3 capacities of UZH 795-00.00
In stock 
163 BYN
Modern eco-friendly steel ballot boxes for separate collecting garbage and sorting of waste in malls, office buildings, schools and other establishments by request are supplied with clear stickers with the indication of a type of household waste. Metal, stationary garbage ballot boxes. Such...
Group: Refuse collection container
Boots are working
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
27 BYN
Boots are made of genuine yuftevy leather 2.2 mm thick. Glue and proshivny method of fastening of a sole. A sole - shaped of maslobenzostoyky rubber (MBS). Irreplaceable working all productions footwear, interfaced to high mechanical loadings and active chemical environments. GOST 5394-89. The...
Group: Working footwear
Tip of blooming 4, 5, 6 mm
In stock 
0.7 BYN
Group: Transformers
Suit of men's ZMI (jacket, semi-overalls) STB 1387-2003
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
35.4 BYN
GRETTA FABRIC of dark blue color (pr-in MOGOTEKS Mogilev) - density is 220 g/sq.m., plastic structure of-47%, cotton-53.
Group: Costumes workers
Suit of men's ZMI STB 1387-2003
In stock 
18.7 BYN
SUIT MEN'S for protection against the general production pollution and mechanical influences of STB 1387-2003. The suit consists of a jacket and trousers. A jacket with the central onboard fastener on 5 swept-off loops and buttons. Shelves with three external patchpockets: one top on the left...
Group: Working clothes
Bed the unary KO-1 (strengthened)
In stock 
75.2 BYN
Bed the unary KO-1 (strengthened) from LDSP of 16 mm. Cherry OXFORD color. Framework metal of pipes of 40х20х1,5 mm. The bed represents the collapsible design consisting two backs, two tsarg, a bottom executed from laminated by chipboard and fixed on a metal framework from steel pipes. Face...
Group: Bed frames
Matrasik for the sledge
In stock 
4.48 BYN
Matrasik for the MD sledge (approaches on the C3-1 and S4-2 sledge) the price - 5 rubles 34 kopeks. Matrasik for the MK sledge (approaches on the C3-2 and S4-6 sledge) the price - 4 rubles 84 kopeks. the top - is made of waterproof fabric. inside - polyurethane foam 10 mm thick. From a back an...
Group: Accessories for sleds
Block of chairs of UZH 781-00.00
Custom order | Wholesale and retail 
240 BYN
Manufacturer chair 2CH3 "contact" of the ISO type the STRENGTHENED OPTION THE MAIN DIFFERENCES FROM COMPETITORS: - the framework is welded by semi-automatic welding in the environment of carbon dioxide (durability of a welded design increases by 30%), competitors have a spot welding. - fabric...
Group: Furniture for reception room
The bunker under the multielevator (for large-size and building wastes)
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
8500 BYN
The bunker under the m3 multielevator 20 (for large - size and building wastes) The bunker store under the multielevator system is intended for effective work on export of large - size and construction debris. The bunker for system the multielevator have to conform to requirements of the presents...
Group: Bunkers elevating


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